• A professional consultation service for employees and their families.
  • Companies hire the Program with the objective of helping workers solve their personal problems.
  • The result is improvement of work climate and productivity.

The Program is strictly confidential, voluntary and free.
Quick and immediate access to the following areas: psychological, management consultations, nutritional, legal, financial and maternity/breastfeeding.

Psychological And Family Counseling

Psychologists, specialized in brief counseling, provide telephonic, online or in person counseling. Some examples of presenting problems are: work-life balance, relationship issues, marital conflict, raising children, adolescence, sadness, grief, stress and anxiety.

Management Consultations

Psychologists, specialized in work related issues, provide professional advice to managers and supervisors on matters such as: relationship conflicts involving a particular employee, poor work performance due to personal problems, how to give feedback, among others.

Nutritional Professional Advice

Our nutritionists provide telephonic guidance on topics such as: Healthy-eating plans, low sodium diet, how to reduce fat and sugar, healthy food for work and school, among others.

Legal Professional Advice

Local lawyers provide telephonic guidance on topics such as: Divorce, tenancy, alimony, rental and purchase agreements, inheritance, consumer’s protection, cars purchase, traffic infractions, claims/demands.
Important: Any legal consult with the exception of those related with labor laws.

Financial Professional Advice

Local accountants provide telephonic advice on issues as: refinancing debts, information about obtaining loans / credits, personal budget planning, retirement, pensions, taxes, credit cards.

Maternity & Breastfeeding

Professional advice in issues as the following: Pregnancy and its stages –
Preparing Maternity leave- Breastfeeding- Feeding – Early bond -Rest and sleep –
Keys to return to work and enjoy parental life – Work-life balance – Parenting and
limits in early childhood.

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