Our workshops are custom designed and, for this, a prior meeting is held to gather information about the company’s needs and expectations.
The online format is through our platform, videotaped workshops can be seen at the most convenient time for the user. This modality allows reaching employees’ relatives as well.

The combination of both formats (face-to-face and online) is the most effective option to achieve greater participation. Workshops examples grouped in wellbeing pillars:

Healthy Mind: Mindfulness – Healthy Stress Management – Resources to increase Resilience – Optimistic Thinking – Positive Emotions and Wellbeing -Science for Wellbeing.

2) Healthy Relationships:
Positive Relationships and Wellbeing – The challenge of being Parents of “connected” children – Keys to Strengthen Couples Relationships – Motherhood / Paternity and Work.

3) Healthy Habits:
Prevention of Risk Factors – Healthy Eating – The Art of Changing a Habit – Guidelines to sleep better – Breathing and Relaxation Techniques – Elongation at work.

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