01 Aug 2018

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At Grupo Wellness Latina we offer our clients two options of EAP models: 1) EAP Basic Model and 2) EAP + Well-being Model. This second one has the objective of including a broad variety of resources to promote employees’ and families’ wellbeing together with the traditional EAP services.

Which are these resources and how do we integrate them to our EAP?

We offer eligible clients free access to our Wellbeing Platform which includes short and animated video tapped workshops on topics divided in four areas: “Healthy Habits”, “Healthy Minds”, “Healthy Relationships” and “Women’s Wellbeing. Employees and family members may access the workshops at any time and repeat them whenever they want. For each workshop, “Breastfeeding and parental guidance” for example, the platform includes additional materials for those who want to deepen their knowledge and move towards change. These materials are research supported self-help books, films, internet resources, support groups and apps (John C. Norcross, 2013).  A client satisfaction survey is administered after completion of workshops. The platform also shows analytics – number of accesses, number of completed and interrupted workshops- which allow us to include this information in our utilization reports for the company. So we may show EAP utilization plus Well-being Platform utilization.

Together with our EAP access numbers, WhatsApp, mail, App and webpage we communicate how to access our Wellbeing Platform. When launching the service, in employee orientations, we explain how to access EAP + Well-Being Platform. During the whole year of contract, we provide communication materials that promote EAP as well as the Well-Being Platform.


Andrea Lardani
Director at Grupo Wellness Latina



Norcross, John C. (2013). “Self – Help the Works”. Resources to improve emotional health and strengthen relationships. Oxford University Press.

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