Wellbeing and Technology 15 Sep 2021

BY: María Migali

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See how wellbeing can transform your workplace

Today’s highly successful companies are demonstrating the importance of caring about employee´s wellbeing, which results in higher engagement and productivity. The outcome are healthier, happier and more committed employees. However, the benefit are also for the company: it improves work climate, increases productivity, reduces absenteeism and improves the company´s image.

Our innovative Wellness On Demand platform promotes healthy lifestyle habits by providing tools for employees to incorporate holistic wellness into their workplaces and lives, anytime, anywhere.

The easy access to our platform allows us to reach a large number of users. It is flexible; as each user may choose the resources that best suit his/her needs and remain committed to the company’s wellness initiative.

Here are some of the contents that can be found:

– TALKS to potentiate your wellness.

– WORKSHOPS about Wellness, Mindfulness, Healthy Eating, Healthy Stress Management, Smoking and its implications.

– ACTIVE PAUSES of Stretching, Yoga, Mindfulness and Ergonomics.

– Self-knowledge tests

– New products

Our Wellness On Demand platform has been created to produce a positive impact on individuals, businesses and communities, using technology as an enabler to promote and support all types of healthy behaviors and implement preventive actions.

We believe technology should make life better. Our Wellness on Demand platform enhances individuals to engage with wellness easier than ever.

We accompany your company in the journey of change towards wellbeing. There is no doubt that employee’s´ well-being is well-being for the company.

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